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    Sunday, April 19, 2009
    "WHOOSH! :x" @ 12:53 AM Starts of:

    I've waited all my life to cross this line to the only thing that's TRUE.
    O! *pats your back*

    HEY EVERYONE! My very, very loving friend, Redlitz (Visit her here!) made me a LJ (livejournal) account yesterday. I thank her for that. She loves my very much, I can say. Anyways, we were just chatting the other evening and she told me that she's going to make me one (account) and so I agreed. If you want to, you can visit my livejournal account. It's open to public eyes! Just clich *poof* and you're there! You can also find the link in the link-ex part of the page. Just scroll down... down... and on the right, there it is!

    Anyway, how is this day? How is this day? I woke up early, too early for me since I slept really late but I had to since we were leaving to get some things for my Aunt's wedding on May. We went to my grandpa's house and had to stay there until after lunch since something came up. My cousin Joaquin wasn't there. He went with his mom and dad to a swimming party but luckily, Ryle and Ryan stayed.

    Ryle wasn't willing to let me take a picture with him. He says he's shy or something but at least Ryan let me take a picture with him since he was playing DOTA ALL STARS and he didn't want to get distracted. I don't get why people take time on playing those things. What exactly do they get from that? Nevermind. I will photoblog even though there's only few pictures... or so I think.

    This is my cousin, Ryle, as you've known.
    He was sitting on a rolling table beside the wooden couch I was lying on.
    Its him again and this one's candid.
    He knew that I was taking a picture but he didn't know that I took this one.
    This was when I realized that he was wearing the same t-shirt as the picture I shared before.
    Was he?
    This one I took when Ryan was playing DOTA.
    I kept on asking him if I was irritating him (that was my goal) but he kept saying NO!
    DARN. This is where the v
    anity begins.

    Another picture with Ryan.
    He was so concentrated on his game.
    He wasn't really playing since every time he loses he quits and plays as another character.
    And I kept shouting that he was cheating...
    He was cheating.
    He lets me take pictures of him.
    That's what I like about Ryan.
    He can be vain. :D
    I love candids.
    He was actually SMILIN
    G! OMG. @-)CONCENTRATED PLAYER... cheater.
    I'm scared, he's getting taller. LOL.
    Conversation (actually in Filipino):
    Me: (to Ryle) Why don't you like to take a picture with me?
    Ryle: I'm shy *laughs*
    Me: PSSSH. At least Ryan agrees. *takes this pic*
    Ryle: *scoffs* He likes it. He just doesn't show it.
    This is a part of the game Ryan was playing.That's what you get for not letting me take a picture with you!
    JOKE! I pinched his nose... he was hurt. :(
    He won't look at the camera so I'm trying to force him.
    In the end, I was the one who looked funny.
    I love this picture.

    Sorry for the very, very long post. I didn't think I took that many pictures of just my cousins. I had a really fun day even if I'm tired now. I was able to buy a good dress but I had a hard time finding shoes... took us 1 hour before I finally found and bought shoes. Thank GOD.

    We were tired from all the hunting for clothes that we (my aunt and I) craved for some Zagu on the way back. THE LINE WAS FREAKING LONG. but I just had to have some Zagu so I beared with it. I actually laughed since the girl was able to give my order before she gave the one who ordered before me. I think she passed the order and thought that she already gave that order to the lady before me. It's her problem now.

    I'm scared. I don't have any practice with my tennis and I have a competition tomorrow. Please pray for me and wish me luck. Thanks, guys!

    Until next time. Take care!

    kristel DONNA MAE dela vega arias.
    COSMO. :x

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    Saturday, April 18, 2009
    "OTANJOUBI! :x" @ 7:56 AM Starts of:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HIDEO PALACAY ENOMOTO! I LOVE YOU, FRIEND! I SO SO MISS YOU MUCH! >:D< Posted on April 18, 2009 at 11:00 PM (Jap. time: 12:00 MD)

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    Friday, April 17, 2009
    "kristel DONNA MAE dela vega arias. :x" @ 9:32 PM Starts of:

    ANGELINO MIGUEL PEREZ LORENZO. (nanghingi lang po ng special mention si ANGELINO.) next time nalang kwento ko tungkol sayo, ah, gino. Wag ka masyadong demanding at mahirap yan pag laki mo. Mamaya... HAHA. Oh, yeah, ANGELINO is not his real name... its ANGELO only. :))

    Please don't mind the filipino words that comes with the name.
    Anyway, I just thought of updating my blog because
    this certain person *cough*gino*cough* told me I haven't updated my blog for a long time now. I'm just really random and all so I think I'll just share some vids and pictures for y'all... or even stories from my very boring summer. @-)

    My sister found this cool two-man band (Royal Pirates) and if I may say... they have some sexy vocals, I tell you. They're actually Fading from Dawn then but then Moonchan (Richard), one of the members died in a car accident and so they changed the band to Royal Pirates composing of Sooyoon (drummer) and Moochul (guitarist and vocals) and they make remakes of popular songs currently: Sorry, sorry (Super Junior), Mirotic (DBSK or TVXQ), Time is running out (MUSE), Nobody (Wonder Girls), and Circus (Britney Spears). Yes, BRITNEY SPEARS.

    They're full-blooded Koreans and can speak fluent Ko
    rean and English. Two words: they rock. So you better listen to them!

    Here's a link to their purevolume account: CLICK HERE YAH!
    For their youtube channel: CLICK HERE YAH AGAIN!
    And of course, I'll show you one of their videos. Circus Royal Pirates Remake:

    I hope you'll like what you see and hear. I mean, who wouldn't love that sexy vocals, RIGHT? Please, just agree with me? LOL. :))

    If ever you'd like MP3s you can go to their purevolume account. You can download the songs for free! YAY for that! :D

    And so I've been very bored for the last couple of weeks since I have nothing to do this summer and the family has no plans for this summer until May. I guess life is just so hard these days that it's actually hard to spend money for fun nowadays... but don't worry, I still have fun! I have my friends and YOUTUBE (YOUTUBE!) to pass the time. @-)

    AND... photoshop! Because I was so bored the
    other day, I opened photoshop and edited one of my pictures. Sorry for the vanity. Here it is:

    HMM. What more? I wonder why I always end up blogging this super long blog when I was super lazy before I start. Any ideas, guys? Enough of that. I know this guy (BOY) who is so smart, I bet he's rereading and proofreading my entire blog post this very instant... and I appreciate that but this is the way I talk, right? HAHA.

    He's actually kind sometimes... and he can be a jerk but so what? LOL. He's fun to talk to. (I guess you actually think he's the person who told me to do this as a joke. HAHA. Good for you.) He's not everyone but he's someone. SO THERE YOU GO.

    Blogspot* is still processing the video so I can't publish it 'til then and I'm already left with nothing else to say. Anyone want to go swimming this summer? I can't take the heat, can you? I'll just wait for the processing and then... *poof*!

    Hope y'all have a good summer.
    Can't read my poker face. LOL. :))

    kristel DONNA MAE dela vega arias.
    COSMO. :x

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    Wednesday, March 25, 2009
    "GIVE UP ON KEEPING BEST FRIENDS. :|" @ 12:54 AM Starts of:


    Okay, so its the last week of classes for us and the final agonizing things we have to accomplish are the exams, (that are totally out of this world crazy hard, if you have no notes, *cough*like*cough*me) but after all of those are done, we can PAR-TEY! (That totally sounds weird coming from me but nevermind.)

    I have been reading mangas all afternoon and been updating my plurk TO THE MAX, shouting or rather, posting random things like, "BE AFRAID, be VERY afraid," and so on. The only thing that's on my mind until now is if I'll make Bio and AP notes for everyone and post it multiply... and my inner selves are still fighting about that, sorry.

    I turned the TV on but I am definitely not watching anything.

    There are things going about in my stupid mind like my blog post title, "'give up on keeping best friends," I only saw that on one title page of a manga i read and I absolutely agreed! I dont know why but I feel that when you try your hardest keeping a friendship you really cherish, it just becomes the reason why you'll lose it too. Dont be so uptight and just relax, if he/she's really a true friend, he/she'll never leave your side (not physically) and make sure to let you know how freaking much he/she loves you. :D

    WOAHKAY. I am so cheezy. :|

    I'm letting Edward Scissorhands load and might I just say: Johnny Depp is so darn hot!

    Okay. I'm rereading this fiction that was written by a very imaginative person. It's about a demon falling in love with a human to the point of obsession, blah, blah. It's darn good. Want the link? PM me. :D

    The likeness, if you want a list of fiction or mangas that are interesting, try and PM me. I have a lot to say. :)

    Oh, yeah, MAPAGMAHAL, they want a reunion. I was thinking of paintball in La Mesa Park, since its close enough and I think affordable, what do you think? But I'm not organizing this thing, please go and talk to Stefano: Click here and you're screwed. NAH! So here's the deal, do you want a reunion or not? LOL.

    Oh, yeah, (again) I assume that I am transferring to SSA for the next school year. YEAH, so sad, right? (SHSians only) LOL. Don't worry, I'll be there on the fair next year. Or so I think.

    I think the world is unfair. (It is. It simply is.)

    I'm ranting. Stop me, please?

    OH! OH! I have a new siggy. :D
    It's that one, the one you see with the hand and the "DEO". LOL.

    So here's its story:
    People from SHS call me "Deo", oh, I dont know why... maybe because of some person who's in Japan right now whom I am wishing would bring back a photobook of Haruma Miura for me... *hint*hint* :))

    Anyways, they call me "Deo" and there was this activity on our club where we will print stuff on shirts and cloth so we laid a big cloth on the table (courtesy of Justine Saruca) and we can print anything on it! I was random, as usual, and drew that name "Deo" on a piece of paper and made it a stencil (the thing used to draft a pattern on something) and because I love the marking my hand make, I totally dipped my hand into textile paint and made my hand mark on the cloth. YAY!

    AND there you go, my new siggy. :D

    My randomness went away. Goodbye! :)
    (You're tired of reading, I assume. Rock on!)

    I know you love me... not. LOVELY DAY, Saira Letsirk.

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    Wednesday, January 21, 2009
    "Hideo Palacay Enomoto. xD" @ 4:35 AM Starts of:

    Hey, guys! As I promised... my best friend's picture. He's with his baby sister that I totally love, Mika! :D
    So what do you think?

    Oh, BTW, he's the reason why people call me "Deo". XD

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    Saturday, December 27, 2008
    "A Little Drama is Fine." @ 5:57 AM Starts of:

    I've been avoiding posting blogs since I've got nothing to do but RANT but then I thought... A little drama's fine sometimes, at least you can let it all out. Hello? Who has no drama in life? you SUCK. No, really, you can't live without drama! It's a necessity already! Everything's effed up and all you got to do is to smile and make everything seem a little better. somehow.

    Anyway, so... Belated Happy Christmas and looking forward to a new year!
    Another to thing to look out for: Mapagmahal '06-'07's REUNION. A total disaster! Somehow, we manage to get 12 people to attend... and who are these people? Those who always attend. NICE one, guys. NICE.

    I feel like the whole world's going to explode soon since my life is totally deteriorating and everyone seems to be running away from me. I look at point of views so pessimistically since all my closest friends have new ones and they don't talk or try to talk to me unless I, myself, is the one going to start talking to them. Like, what am I? Invisible or anything? Are you blind? I can't always be the one who opens up and try to keep the damn relationship, okay?

    Whenever you have problems, think about who's willing to keep you up longest (excluding your family): is it going to be the friends you've known for more than 5 years or the ones who you've known for 2 effing years in High School? I am so tired of trying to keep everything to myself. I want to let it all out. No offense, (whoever gets guilty, I had no intention) I just want to fix this. I want to understand.

    I do miss everyone and I make it a point to let you know. I let it be known. I'm not maarte, I just want us to keep communicating with one another once in a while since we don't get to see everyone everyday anymore. I know, we're still kids since we're only in 2nd year HS but then... FRIENDSHIP has no age. It doesn't say that you can only be really into a relationship unless you're old enough. NO.

    This thing we do: reunions? It's not for kaartehan, it's for keeping a close relationship or the line to one another intact. In the end, we just want to keep the friendship we've started and built together with EVERYONE. We don't want the whole bunch (class) to slowly lessen because each one is a PART and when a single part is taken away, the whole thing crumbles.

    We've gone through a LOT, and I know that everyone knows that. We all know everyone knows that. Then why are we the ones trying to give no meaning to what we've gone through?

    Friendship isn't something you can easily throw away. It's something you can't find everyday, and when you lose it... it's going to be effing hard to find again.

    Think about that.

    P.S. I love you guys... that's why I posted this.

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    Monday, December 8, 2008
    "my new haricut. :)" @ 1:57 AM Starts of:

    Hey there, guys! I'm back for another blogging session. Unfortunately, I was unable to bring a camera when we had our retreat and of course, as a result, I didn't get to take pictures! aww. :( anyways, i have a new haircut now! That's me. lol. in the picture. :D I couldn't really get used to the hair since I always have to put it down but right now, I'm slowly getting used to it. Somehow. :))

    I missed a lot of our training so i'm not really cut out to exercise now. haha. aww. I kind of miss tennis. And im bored. I'll post a longer one next time! take care!

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